To view the revised and shortened 2018 Summer Sevens Rules of Competition please see below.

For the full 2018 Summer Sevens Rules of Competition, click here.

  • 7 v 7 including goalkeepers
    • Minimum 5 players per team to kick-off a game
    • Maximum 10 players per team per game (i.e. 3 substitutes)


  • Competition Categories/Age Groups
    • Juniors (Boys & Girls): Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16
    • Open Age (16+ years): Open Age Men’s (max of 2 female players on the field at any given time), Open Age Women’s (female only), Open Mixed (minimum of 3 female players on the field at any given time) Note: if there is no appropriate Open Age Women’s competition at the same venue then an all female team may be able to enter in an Open Mixed league.
    • Masters (35+ years): Men’s Masters & Women’s Masters
    • Family (mixed ages and abilities) – certain venues only


  • Football boots or runners may be worn
  • Shin guards are compulsory for all on-field players
  • Teams should wear shirts of a matching or similar colour. Matching uniforms are not essential
    • Bibs will be provided in the case of opposing teams wearing similar colours
  • Matching shorts and socks are not essential
  • No jewellery or other dangerous items may be worn. Taping jewellery is not acceptable
  • Goalkeepers should wear a different coloured shirt to the rest of the team
  • Fitbit like devices may be worn for reporting purposes only if permitted by FFV Summer Sevens
  • Games are played on approximately ½ a full-size pitch
  • 2 x 20-minute halves with a 1-5 minutes half-time break
    • The Venue Coordinator (not the referee) may change the duration of both halves and/or half-time to ensure the match finishes by the scheduled time
  • No offside
  • No throw-ins when the whole ball crosses the touch-line, it must be kicked in to the field of play
  • Kick-ins are indirect
  • All free kicks are direct unless otherwise stated by Match Officials
  • Opponents must be 5m away from the ball at the start of play, free kicks, corner kicks, and kick-ins
  • Opponents must be 5m away from the penalty area for goal kicks
  • The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves
  • All decisions from the Referee are final
  • The goalkeeper may handle the ball inside the penalty area
  • After gathering the ball with their hands, goalkeepers must throw or roll the ball into play or place it on the floor and kick it (no drop kicks)
  • The ball must be played within 6 seconds of a save
  • The ball is in play when it leaves the penalty area
  • Interchange system (no maximum number of substitutions)
  • You do not need to confirm with referee when making substitutions
  • If a player receives a 2nd yellow card or a direct red card in one game, they will be sent from the field of play with no replacement player
  • And red card issued will incur an automatic one game suspension for the player’s next match
  • Further disciplinary action for team and player misconduct is at the discretion of the FFV, including:

failure to control the poor behaviour of a team mate

             – persistent poor team behaviour throughout the season

             – forfeits, including failure to communicate to the FFV/Venue Co-ordinator 

               in reasonable time to inform the opposition team.  If a team forfeits 2 or more

               times in a competition, they will be removed from the competition

  • Any previous poor team behaviour incidents will be taken into account for future admission into the competition
  • WIN: 3 points / DRAW: 1 point / LOSS: 0 points
  • If a team is late for the game by less than 5 minutes they will be penalized one (1) goal
  • If the team is not ready to take the field 5 minutes after the scheduled kick off time they will forfeit the game 3-0
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